Wills & Trusts

We prepare Wills and Trusts for our clients, to help them:

  • Ensure that, at death, individuals of their choosing receive the estate
  • Appoint a suitable person to oversee the estate (the “personal representative” or “executor”)
  • Provide for the needs of spouses, partners and children
  • Appoint a suitable guardian for a minor or disabled child or family member
  • Ensure proper management of a child’s or disabled person’s inheritance through the appointment of a trustee
  • Minimize estate, gift, and income taxes
  • Preserve the estate against nursing home and long-term care expenses
  • Ensure that a disabled family member can enjoy an inheritance while maintaining public benefits such as MaineCare (Maine Medicaid) and SSI, through the establishment of a Special Needs Trust:
    • Advise clients regarding appropriate beneficiary designation on retirement plans and life insurance
    • Ensure efficient and orderly administration of the estate, including, if appropriate, avoiding probate.

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